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Chevier may be purchased when Denis Chevier agrees to sell it, but only if you're the buyer. From then, Sandra Kirkland will appear in Chevier and offer the fashion house to you for Star65.

Gameplay Edit

There are three tasks to complete when working at Chevier, and each task takes three hours.

To begin these tasks, you must speak to Elise Chevier in Chevier Retail each week. After you complete the tasks for the first time, She will only appear in the store exactly a week after that.

These tasks start immediately after you tell Elise you're ready to begin, so make sure you have nothing else going on before you start.

The first task is to design a new ready-to-wear collection in the Chevier Studio and you can name the collection yourself. The second task is to model your collection on the Chevier Runway, and the third task is to promote your collection in Chevier Retail.

When you get a BlueStar5-star rating on all three tasks, Elise will call you and pay you the cash and K-stars you're owed.

It is worth noting that Elise doesn't call you to remind you when you can start a new week of tasks, so it is your responsibility to remember the last time you worked at Chevier and when you can start your next week. Luther from So Chic in Downtown LA will call you at the beginning of a new week.

Payout Edit

All tasks completed (Unfurnished): Cash2000 Star3
All tasks completed (Fully Furnished): Cash4250 Star7

Branches Edit

Goals Edit


Chevier Studio
Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Bookshelves Cash35,000 GoldHeart2
ImageMissing Designers Cash15,000 GoldHeart2


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