⤿ REASON: Missing level

Go to Kim's Mansion to cheer up Kim!

Dialogue: Edit

Maria Holmes asks you to visit her office to trigger this goal.

Maria Holmes: "She's devastated about something and refuses to talk to anyone. I'm not sure what's wrong, but maybe you can find out? Head over to her house and see if she'll talk to you about what's wrong. If she'll open up to anyone at all, it just might be you."

Speech I'll go see Kim.

Afterwards, Kim will call and ask you to come over.

Kim Kardashian: "Hi YourName. I'm sorry I haven't been returning any calls. I've just been so down lately..."

Speech What's the matter?

Kim: "I lost something very important. It was going to be a present for my mom to thank her for all her support through the years. It's irreplaceable."

Speech Oh no. What was it?

Kim: "It was a one of a kind pair of priceless antique earrings. I know my mom would have loved them, but now they're gone forever."

Speech I'm so sorry, Kim.

Kim: "Yeah, I'm not sure what I'm going to get my mom now. Nothing could replace those earrings. She would have loved them so much! Don't worry, though. I'm sure I'll figure out something to give my mom. I think I just need a bit of me time right now. Thank you for caring about me so much and coming to make sure I'm okay. You're a true friend."

Speech (Hug Kim.)

After leaving Kim's mansion, Maria will call about a PopGlam shoot.

Maria Holmes: "YourName? You're booked for a photo shoot at PopGlam Magazine. It shouldn't take too long, so you'll probably have most of your day free!"

Speech That's great!

Maria: "Oh, by the way... How's Kim doing? Did you get a chance to go see her and find out what's wrong?"

Speech (The lost gift.)

Maria: "Oh, that poor girl. And you say she lost the earrings recently? Hmm... I have an idea! I'll try and get a hold of Kim's recent schedule. We're going to try and find her that lost gift!"

Speech Great idea!

Maria: It's what I do! All right. You pop in at PopGlam Magazine for your photo shoot while I dig up Kim's schedule.

Speech Sounds like a plan!

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