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Head over to Kim's Mansion to get her input on charity work.

Dialogue: Edit

The goal will begin when Maria calls you to her office.

Maria Holmes: "Ever feel like you're doing so much already, and yet you could be doing so much more? I know I do...about you."

Speech What do you mean?

Maria: "Charity! It's great for your public image and it can be wonderful for networking with fellow celebrities, too! Oh, and you get to support a cause you believe in. That's a pretty important part of it from what I'm told. Did you know that Kim has been actively supporting multiple charities for years?"

Speech Really?

Speech I knew that...

Maria: "That's right! Time to learn from her example. Go see Kim and ask her about getting involved in some charity work."

Speech Okay.

Kim will greet you at her mansion.

Kim Kardashian: "Hi YourName! Maria called me and let me know you were coming over to get my advice on something. So, how can I help my favorite friend?"

Speech (Charity work.)

Kim: "Oh, I get involved with charities as often as I can. I actually give ten percent of all my earnings to various charities! Are you thinking of doing some charity work?"

Speech Yes.

Kim: "Really? That's a wonderful decision! I bet with the right charity, you could make a real difference in the world. Hmm. I know just who to call! My good friend Grace Worthington runs an organization called Stars for Solutions. They specialize in pairing celebrities with charities. Grace is usually really busy, but she always seems to find the time to talk to me. I'll put in a good word for you!"

Speech Thanks Kim!

Kim: "I'll get you in touch with Grace and give her your number. You can trust her to set you up with charities you'll want to support! There are so many great causes out there and I truly believe it is our responsibility to do all that we can. I'm proud of you for doing this!"

Speech (Handhug.)

Afterwards, Grace will call.

Grace Worthington: "Hello, YourName? Hi! My name is Grace Worthington. Kim gave me your number... She tells me that you're very interested in doing some charity work."

SpeechThat's right!

Grace: "Excellent! Let's meet up and discuss how we could work together to make a difference in the world. Can you meet me at Panino?"

Speech Absolutely!

Grace: "Great! I'll see you at Panino. We'll discuss my organization, Stars for Solutions."

Speech See you soon!

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