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Attend an eight hour party to celebrate the opening of Miraggio Grande's casino.

Available ActionsEdit

Time: Time 8 hours
Reward: Cash+660, XP+200


Simon Orsik YourName, guess what your awesome manager just got you?
You Speech 1 My dream car?
Speech 2 Paid?
Simon Orsik 1 Hah! You wish! I can't even get ME a new car... Miraggio Grande is celebrating the opening of their new casino, and I got you a V.I.P. invitation! The glamorous event will be packed with celebrities, which means lots of camera exposure for you! Maria mentioned the proceeds that the casino makes tonight will be donated to a variety of charities, which is great publicity of course. XP+4, Cash+4

You Speech 1 Sounds good!
Simon Orsik Head over to the Miraggio Grande in 8 hours to make your appearance at the casino's grand opening. Good luck at the event, YourName! XP+4, Cash+4
You Speech Thanks Simon!

Rival Everyone, excuse me EVERYONE! If you could all just look right here for a moment... I'm sure you all know the saying a fool and their money are soon parted. What I'd like to know is... how did a fool get money in the first place? I see YourName came out to celebrate the opening of this casino with us. Perhaps s/he could tell us!
You Speech How ironic...
Rival Another thing I'd like to know is, where the heck did my drink go? Who took it from me? I wasn't done with it! Gimme my drink back!
You Speech Are you drunk?
Rival Are you annoying? Why don't you buzz off to the penny slot machines where you belong. High roller coming through! Woo!
You Speech Yep, you're drunk.
Rival I'm not drunk! I'm in your face! What do you wanna do about it, Your Name? Hmm? STEP UP!
You Speech 1 (Walk away.)
Speech 2 (Make a scene.)
Rival 1 Yeah, that's what I thought, YourName. All bark, no bite. Could someone please stop all the flashy loud skinny things from spinning? I need to find the bathroom...
2 What? Are you even serious right now? How dare you step up to me as if you're even on my level? You want a piece of this, YourName? Oh no... you don't want a piece of me, YourName. You couldn't handle it! Here's what I'll do for you. Give me YOUR drink, and I'll let you walk away.
You Speech 1 (Ignore.)

Speech 2A (Hand it over.)
Speech 2B (Splash Willow/Dirk.)
Rival 2A
2B Ah! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! You just ruined this outfit! I'd send you the bill, but I KNOW you can't afford it! You're just lucky I have spares of my outfit, or you'd see me REALLY angry... UGH, could someone please stop all the flashy loud spinny things from spinning? I need to find the bathroom...
You Speech 3A (Laugh.)
Speech 3B Whatever...
Peter Conway That's Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds, at it again! So... This is a little awkward. Hello, YourName. I'm Peter. Peter Conway.
You Speech Hello Peter...
Peter Conway Listen, I hope you don't take too much of what you've read on my blog too seriously... My blogs can get a little racy, but it's all in good fun. Nothing personal.
You Speech I hadn't noticed...
Peter Conway I better go call Willow/Dirk a cab before s/he completely embarrasses her/himself. These antics are great for my blog, but not too great for our friendship... It was nice meeting you in person, YourName.
You Speech Bye Peter.
Ray Powers YourName, what do you call a wannabe journalist who just couldn't cut it? A blogger! Seriously though, a word of warning... Be careful what you say and do around Peter, because he'll burn you online!
You Speech 4 I'm not worried.
Speech 5 And you won't?
Ray Powers 4
5 Well, that depends entirely on what you say and do! But at least when I blast you online, I do it as a professional!
You Speech A
Speech B Right...

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We'll have pics posted of YourName from Casino Celebration on (Date) at (Time).
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