After completing the photo shoot for your new head shots, you need to check back in with your manager, Simon Orsik, in his office in Hollywood.

To leave the studio, tap the red exit icon Exit on the door.

Swipe left to scroll to the left of the screen. To travel to where the shoot is being held in Hollywood, you'll need to take the bus.

Tap the gold bus icon BusIcon and select Hollywood from the menu to travel there for Cash6.

Swipe right to scroll to the left of the screen. To begin the goal, enter the CTM Management and Publicity building by tapping the yellow building icon BusinessIcon.

Simon loves the photos and tells you he's already found you a job. You'll have to wait a little bit to find out what it is, however.

After the conversation, two goals are unlocked: Wait and See... and Starting Out!!

The first goal to begin is Starting Out!!


Simon Orsik These look terrific - "swag" as my daughter's boyfriend might say before I kick him out of my home. I have something special cooking for you already, but I won't know whether it'll materialize or not for a little bit. In the meantime I'll call if anything else comes up.
You Speech Okay.
Simon Orsik Keep your head down - or up... or wherever the photographers want it! - work hard, and you'll go from nobody to being on the fringe of the public's mind in no time. Exposure, exposure, exposure!
You Speech Thanks!
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