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The Wemmick Estate Winery (known as The Vineyard) is a business in Cape Town, South Africa, which unlocks when you reach level 11.

The vineyard is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run by vineyard manager Philip Nel. If you purchase the vineyard for Star90, you can launch one new wine a week.

If you succeed in pruning the vines, watering them, harvesting them, and earning a 5-star rating on the launch event, you earn Star2 and Cash1,250.

There is a chance that, after the launch event, a restaurant decides to tweet about your wine, and if they do, your reward is increased to Star5 and Cash2,500.

As with homes, purchasing the vineyard counts towards the Cribs achievement.


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Cape Town Vineyard InteriorEdit


Cape Town Vineyard ExteriorEdit



RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
YourName is turning his/her talents to winemaking with a vineyard in Cape Town!
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Philip Nel YourName, your latest wine sold fairly well. It made $1,250 and 2 k-stars. Come see me in a week and we can launch another wine. Take care!
You Speech Thanks, Philip.

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