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Bug Syrup is a party planner your character meets for the first time during Spooky Stuff, when you're doing a photo shoot for Kim's Halloween party invitations.

Bug is a successful, if slightly eccentric, party planner. During the shoot, he pressures you to mention his name on social media.

After completing the shoot, Kim calls to ask you if everything is all right, because you've been talking non-stop about Bug Syrup on your social media account. It looks like Bug is posting all of those messages about himself.

During the next goal, Stop Bugging Me, you confront Bug at the restaurant Panino, and discover that he's hacked into your account. He then tries to blackmail you into marrying him so he can mooch off your fame and fortune for the rest of his days.

Fortunately, Kim calls you after your confrontation with Bug and invites you into her home. During the Enough is Enough goal, you manage to guess the new password Bug put on your account with Kim's help, and all is well.


  • Bug Syrup's appearance varies per game.
  • The Bug Syrup storyline is part of a set of Halloween 2017 goals, and is likely unplayable after the next update.
  • Bug Syrup is likely created as a homage to the fictional ghost Betelgeuse from the movie Beetlejuice. The ghost Betelgeuse can be summoned if his name is said three times in a row.


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