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The Brooklyn Hair Salon is a business in Brooklyn, New York, which unlocks when you reach level 11.

The salon is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run by hair stylist Jayde Jones. When you purchase the salon for Star65, you can help customers pick the right hairstyle for a variety of occasions – like dates and job interviews.

If you succeed in picking the right hairstyles for all 5 customers during the week, you will earn Star2 and Cash$1,250. When you purchase all the available furniture in the salon, this reward, and the amount of customers, will be increased to 10 customers and Star3 and Cash$2,250, respectively.

When you purchase the salon, you can change the name from its default – Brooklyn Beauty – to one of your own choosing. As with homes, purchasing the hair salon counts towards the Cribs achievement.


Brooklyn Hair Salon Interior

Unfurnished - Furnished


Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Classic Reception
Fancy Reception
Modern Reception
ImageMissing Classic Chairs
Fancy Chairs
Modern Chairs
ImageMissing Fancy Mirrors
Classic Mirrors
Modern Mirrors
ImageMissing Classic Lights
Fancy Lights
Modern Lights

Brooklyn Hair Salon Exterior



Keywords Question Answer
Consulting Firm "I'm starting this new gig tomorrow, so I've got to cut this mop. What would be a good do for a consulting firm?" Preppy look.
Cool and Funky "I want to do something cool and funky with my hair. What do ya suggest?" Ombre hair.
Investment Banking "I've got a job interview with an investment bank today. How should I style my hair?" Go with a simple bun.
Kochella "My friends and I are on our way to Kochella. How should I do my hair?" Hippie hair.
Mobile Game Studio "I want to get a new hair style. If it helps, I work at a mobile game studio." Rock purple spikes.
Polo Match "I have to go to a polo match, and I've got no clue how to style my hair" Floral fascinator
Sleek and Sophisticated "I want something sleek and sophisticated for my hairstyle. What should I get?" Long, straight with a side part.
Something Fun "I want a new hairstyle - something fun." Space buns.
Super Hot Date "So I've got this super hot date tonight. How should I do my hair?" Glamorous curls.
Wedding Day "My hair dresser totally bailed on my big day. What should I tell the stylist to give me?" Bridal hair band with veil.


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