Big Sur is a mountainous stretch of coastline in California, which unlocks as a location when you reach level 7 in the game.

Unlike other locations in the game, Big Sur has no buildings or tappables; it is only available for dates.

You can purchase furniture to increase the romance of the moonlit scenery at Big Sur, but the purchases do not affect game play in any way.


Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Reward Achievement
give compliments Energy5 XP+4, Cash+4, Heart+7 -
moonlight serenade Energy5 XP+4, Cash+4, Heart+7 -
wish upon a star Energy8 XP+11, Cash+10, Heart+11 -
kiss Energy5 XP+6, Energy+1, Heart+9 -
take in the view Energy4 XP+4, Cash+4, Heart+5 -
gourmet picnic Energy1, Cash100 XP+1, Energy+1, Heart+3 Foodie
organic wine Energy1, Cash75 XP+1, Energy+1, Heart+3 Foodie


Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
BigSurLanterns Lanterns Star20 -
BigSurTikis Tikis Star10 -
BigSurLights Lights Star10 -
BigSurDrinks Drinks Cash3,000 -
BigSurGramophone Gramophone Star25 -
BigSurDesserts Desserts Cash750 -
MalteseTerrier Maltese Terrier Star50 GoldStar5
BigSurRedRoses Red Roses Star15 -
BigSurCaliforniaPoppies California Poppies Star10 -
BigSurLupines Lupines Cash7,000 -
BigSurWhiteWine White Wine Cash500 -
BigSurRedWine Red Wine Cash500 -
BigSurChampagne Champagne Star30 -
BigSurAppetizersCart Appetizers Cart Cash6,000 GoldStar2
BigSurVeggieCart Veggie Cart Cash8,000 GoldStar2
BigSurDinnerCart Dinner Cart Cash15,000 GoldHeart2
BigSurLanterns Lanterns Star20 -
BigSurTikis Tikis Star15 -
BigSurLights Lights Star30 -

Big Sur MapEdit


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