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Kim Kardashian YourName, wow, looks like Mario gave you some great tips. Isn't he the best?
You Speech Yes.
Kim Kardashian And that's only half the squad. Next up, you've got to go meet Jen Atkin. She's a genius, she's done such amazing things with my hair and I'm sure you two will get along great.
You Speech Okay.
Kim Kardashian She's in New York right now but she agreed to meet you at her hotel in Tribeca. Have fun!
You Speech Thanks.

Jen Atkin YourName, come on in, I don't have much time but Kim told me all about you and I wanted to see what I could do.
You Speech Okay.
Jen Atkin Now let's take a look at that hair. Very nice. What were you thinking, [something] structured or more breezy?
You Speech 1 Breezy.
Speech 2 Structured.
Jen Atkin 1 I think a beachy wave could work wonders for you. A little saltwater spray, wrap it up, blow dry it, and you'll have stylish hair in no time.
2 I could see you with a tight bun, keeping your look very sleek without doing a lot of work. Even a structured look should feel effortless.
You Speech 1 & 2 Thanks.
Jen Atkin But there's no point doing all this work if no one is going to see it. I think your new look could be great for an upcoming fashion show. There's a show in London you would be great for. I'll give your manager the info.
You Speech Great!

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