Now that you've pruned the vines, the first step in the wine-making process is complete!

The next step is to water the vines. Philip tells you that you'll want to water close to the roots of the vines, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. The soil should be moist, but not muddy!

In order to complete the goal, scroll to the left of the screen and tap the purple speech bubble marked "Water Vines" above the rows of vines, which have now grown new leaves!

After spending Energy4 to complete the action, the Art of Watering goal will be complete.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Reward
water vines Energy4 Cash+4 XP+3


Philip Nel You've got a real knack for this.
You Speech Thanks.

Philip Nel Outstanding, YourName! Look at all of those gorgeous grapes you've grown. Now it's time to harvest them.
You Speech Okay.

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