Jean Adrien will greet you on set.

Dialogue: Edit

Jean Adrien: "It is my hope that our collaboration on this beautiful short film will lead to us both being noticed by the film industry for our talents!"

Speech Me too!

Jean Adrien: "And if the film is terrible, you can always just blame me! HA! Thank you for embarking with me on the journey of making my first film. Merci, merci, merci!"

Speech You're welcome!

After filming is over, Kim will call.

Kim: "Hey YourName! Jean won't stop talking about how great you were in his short film. Congratulations!"

Speech Thanks!

Kim: "I hope you'll continue to follow your dreams and take on more acting roles. Who knows, you could have a big future as a film star! Someone as talented as you can accomplish anything they put their mind to. I believe in you; reach for the stars!"

Speech I will, thank you!

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