⤿ REASON: More dialogue
Kendall Jenner Hey, YourName! Welcome to the Launch party for "Alienated." This party is as much for you as it is for us!
You Speech Thanks, Kendall!
Kendall Jenner Thanks again for helping us with the book cover. I don't know what we would have done if you hadn't knocked on our door...
You Speech No problem!
Kylie Jenner Seriously, how crazy was it that you look JUST like the main character from our book? And we would have never even met you if you hadn't met Kim!
You Speech I know, right?
Kylie Jenner I really hope now that we've met, we'll work together or at least hang out again!
You Speech Me too, Kylie!
Kylie Jenner Seriously you're, like, really cool, YourName. I think the three of us make a great team. Team awesome!
You Speech Woo!
Kendall Jenner Aw, you guys... Group hugs!
You Speech (Group hug!)
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