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Simon decides you are ready to branch out from fashion and photo shoots. He sends you to acting coach Brandon Marlo to prepare for upcoming theatrical work. It will cost you Energy6 to talk to Brandon.


ImageMissing YourName...good to meet you. You smell nice.
You Speech Thanks... Energy6
ImageMissing Now, I will tell you this right now: as soon as you walk into your audition, everyone in the room will think, "Great. Another model who thinks he/she can act." But I will teach you to rise above the stereotype- if you're serious about embracing the art of acting.
You Speech 1 I am!
Speech 2 I am not.
ImageMissing 1 When in a role, no matter how large or small, you must remember your character's motivation. With that in mind, let's begin.
You Speech 1 Okay.
Speech 2
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