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Sometime after reaching level 19 in the game, you'll get a call from Kim Kardashian, who wants to know if you ski!

She tells you about a V.I.P. party that's being hosted in Vail, Colorado, and she would love for you to come along.

Wait 8 hours until Simon calls you about the event, or spend Star16 to begin the event immediately.

During the event you will meet Misty Levin who tells you that she is doing a special investigation.


Kim Kardashian YourName, do you ski? There's a V.I.P. party happening at the Vail Ski Resort in Colorado. I thought it might be fun if we went together. Want to come with me?
You Speech I'd love to! Cash+16, XP+8
Kim Kardashian Don't worry about dressing too warm for the party. They have amazing heaters there. If not for the beautiful scenery, you wouldn't even know you're outside. Unless of course you're actually going to ski. I'm probably just going to chill at the party and enjoy the fresh air.
You Speech Sounds great! Cash+16, XP+8
Kim Kardashian Can't wait to hang out with you in Vail, Colorado, YourName!
You Speech See you soon! Cash+16, XP+8

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