This goal is unlocked when, after your publicist, Maria Holmes, tells you that Kim Kardashian is looking for someone to run her store, Kardash, in Miami, you chose to ask your manager, Simon Orsik, for his opinion on the matter.

Travel to CTM Management and Publicity in Hollywood and select "Simon's Office" to enter his office

Simon thinks it'll be an amazing opportunity and helps you book a ticket to Miami, which unlocks the next goal, Take Miami.


Simon Orsik YourName! What can I do for you?
You Speech (Mention Maria.)
Simon Orsik How do you like being under the watchful eye of "Mad" Maria Holmes? Type A personality, indeed. Now to answer your question: should you fly to Miami and go for the job? YES! You need a better source of income than that... that sweatshop you're working in now, if nothing else. Do you have a ticket?
You Speech No.
Simon Orsik Well, that's what managers are for, right? I'll book you a ticket, and you head down to LAX and get yourself over to Miami!
You Speech Okay!