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Sometime after reaching level 12 in the game, you'll receive a call from Kim Kardashian.

Kim wants to know if you've ever met her friend Bianca. When you reply that you haven't, she promptly invites you to come and play tennis with her and Bianca, so you two can meet.

The tennis match will be held at The Swan Royal Country Club in The Hamptons.

To get there, travel to JFK - New York from any location, and select The Hamptons option as you leave the airport.


Kim Kardashian Hey, YourName, have you met my friend Bianca yet?
You Speech I don't think so...
Kim Kardashian Oh, well you should totally meet us at The Swam country club! Bianca and I are meeting a tennis instructor there, and we could use a fourth player. You in?
You Speech For sure!
Kim Kardashian I can't wait for you to meet Bianca. See you soon!
You Speech See you soon, Kim!

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