After completing a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian at Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills, you're invited to a party hosted by the photographer of the shoot, Garrett St. Clair.

Swipe left to scroll to the left of the screen. To travel to where the party is being held in Hollywood, you'll need to take the bus. Taking the bus costs Cash6.

Tap the gold bus icon BusIcon and select Hollywood from the menu to travel there for Cash6.

Once you get to Hollywood, you will run into your boss, Luther Alexander. He wants you to come in to work tonight because he's got somewhere else to be, but you've got the party to get to!

In order to convince him that you can't come in, you'll have to charm him, which will cost Star1. In this game, charming people will usually give you the best result.

There is another person on the street, a paparazzo called Lon Garrera. You can talk to him if you want.

To begin the goal, tap the golden clinking glasses icon SocialBuildingIcon to enter The Brew Palms.

For starlets, you'll be talked to by a guy named Dirk Diamonds as soon as you enter. For stars, you'll be talked to by a girl named Willow Pape.

You can choose to network or flirt with Dirk/Willow. If you choose to network, they'll be added to your professional contacts list, and you can work with them on projects. If you choose to date, they'll be added to your romantic contacts list, and you can date them.

Then, speak to Kim. She'll be happy to see you, but will tell you that her manager friend had to leave the party early. He will, however, be waiting for you in his office.

This will unlock the next goal, Into The World!.


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game.
This information is kept here for historical purposes.

  • When update 9.2 was released for the game, the name of this goal was changed from Meet and Greet to A Meet and Greet.
  • When update 9.2 was released for the game, two Miscellaneous Characters on the street were removed. The first, a guy, would ask you if you thought he'd get into the party at The Brew Palms, and the second, a girl, would tell you that she's spotted Kim Kardashian.
  • When update 9.2 was released for the game, the dialogue between your character and bartender Tyler Bay was removed. Tyler would tell you he's a huge fan of Kim's, and wants to score her autograph.


Luther Alexander YourName! I'm glad I ran into you. I need you to come in to work again tonight. I forgot... there's an inventory shipment coming in I'll need help dealing with.
You Speech I can't...
Luther Alexander Oh, really? Give me one good reason...
You Speech 1 (Use your charm.) Star1 Cash+10, XP+2
Speech 2 (Mention Kim.)
Luther Alexander Speech 1 Fine, fine. Lucky for you I'm in a good mood; that apartment I looked at is great! You better not call in sick tomorrow...
Speech 2 Ha! Sure... you met Kim Kardashian, went to a photo shoot, and were invited to party all in one day. That's REALLY believable.
Luther Alexander Speech 1 ...
Speech 2 Fine, fine. Lucky for you I'm in a good mood; that apartment I looked at is great! You better not call in sick tomorrow...
You Speech 2 ...

Lon Garrera Hey!
You Speech Hey!
Lon Garrera Get out of the way! I'm trying to get a picture of some celebs...
You Speech (Leave quietly.)

Rival Hey, you were at the photo shoot earlier, weren't you? I'm Dirk/Willow.
You Speech 1 BlueStar Network
Speech 2 Heart Flirt
Rival Speech 1 Really? You know Kim Kardashian? Think... you could introduce me sometime?
Speech 2 Well... I thought - and still think - you looked great at the shoot. Maybe you could give me a call sometime?
You Speech 1 & 2 Maybe...

Kim Kardashian I'm so happy you came - Oh! And before I forget: my manager friend, Simon, had to leave early, but I told him all about you and he said you should drop by his office when you can.
You Speech Thanks!
Kim Kardashian It's nothing, really. You clearly have a talent, and since you don't have a "momager", you might as well have a manager. And who knows... maybe one day you'll have your own show too.
You Speech Thanks again.

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