⤿ REASON: Missing Following Goal; Missing Dialogue.

Your publicist, Maria Holmes, will call to ask if you've seen the headlines today.

When you answer that you haven't, she'll tell you that a famous pop-artist called Randy Norwol has declared you his official muse!

Maria believes it will be great publicity for you, so she's contacted Randy and asked if he would like to work with you. Randy said yes immediately, so now the two of you are going to collaborate on an artsy photo shoot.

Maria does warns you, however, that Randy's art can be a bit out there, so you have to make sure to protect your brand image when working with him.

Wait 8 hours until Simon calls you about the shoot, or spend Star12 to begin the shoot immediately.

Travel to the PopGlam Cape Town in Cape Town and talk to Ray Powers to begin the shoot.


Maria Holmes YourName, have you seen the headlines today?
You Speech No, why?
Maria Holmes This famous pop-artist, Randy Norwol, has declared you his official muse!
You Speech 1 Oh wow!
Speech 2 Who?
Maria Holmes 1
2 To be honest, I didn't really know who he was before this either. Apparently he's huge in the art world for using popular icons and images. I was looking at his stuff earlier and... I can't say I really get the appeal, but people seem to love his work.
You Speech 1
Speech 2 What should I do?
Maria Holmes I mean, this is free publicity as far as I'm concerned. I reached out to him and asked if he would want to do some work with you. He was overjoyed and agreed instantly.
You Speech That's great!
Maria Holmes Yes, I think this will be a good opportunity. Although...
You Speech What?
Maria Holmes Some of his art is a little... strange. Nothing totally weird, but if you think the art he's involving you in doesn't fit your image, say something.
You Speech Should I be worried?
Maria Holmes No! I'm sure this will be a great experience, I'm just reminding you to stay constant to your professional image.
You Speech Okay, will do.
Maria Holmes Perfect! Sorry, I didn't mean to worry you. I'm sure this will be a ton of fun.
You Speech Thanks, Maria.
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