Attend an hour long event in Florence to promote your fragrance. Afterwards, Cassio calls and tells you to go look at the Hollywood billboard. You may just like what you see!

Dialogue: Edit

Cassio: "Your Name, è bello vederti di nuovo!"

Speech Hello, Cassio.

Cassio: "What is that wonderful scent? Is that your new fragrance?"

Speech It is!

Cassio: "Be still my heart! Maria warned me that you would be promoting your fragrance, but I had no idea it would be so enchanting!"

Speech Glad you like it.

Cassio: "Maria also mentioned you have been smiling a lot less lately, while you are in Hollywood. Something about a billboard?"

Speech (Explain.)

Cassio: "Ah, THAT is a shame. It breaks my heart to think something so close to home makes you so upset. If it were up to me, you would always be smiling."

Speech Thanks...

Speech (Smile.)

If you choose Thanks...

Missing info

If you choose (Smile.)

Cassio: "That is more like it! You deserve to smile more... I know you worked very hard on this fragrance. Keep your chin up and enjoy the night, Your Name."

Speech Merci.

Speech flirt Heart

If you choose Merci.

Missing info

If you choose flirt

Cassio: "You float over here like an angel, with that enchanting fragrance about you, and render me defenseless to your charms. A dance, perhaps?"

Speech Maybe later.

Speech (Dance with Cassio.)

If you choose Maybe later.

Missing info

If you choose (Dance with Cassio.)

End of conversation

Additional Dialogue: Edit

Maria Holmes: "I really needed this night out, Your Name!"

Speech Me too!

Simon Orsik: "I haven't done the mashed potato dance in ages! How am I doing?"

Speech Looking good, Simon.

Cassio: "It is a pleasure to have you visit my club, Your Name. I hope you have a wonderful evening."

Speech (Smile.)

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