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You can wait 12 hours for Simon's call, or pay Star24 to begin the event immediately.

Travel to Florence for Cash20 and swipe to the right until you find 10AX Club. Tap the glasses icon SocialBuildingIcon to enter the building.

Talk to Ray Powers to begin the goal. You'll find yourself in 10AX. Swipe to the right to find Cassio and tap the speech bubble next to him to start talking to him.


Goals Cassio YourName, what a wonderful and confusing surprise to see you here at a private event for bankers! Not that you aren't welcome, of course...
You Speech ...
Goals Cassio I am always happy to host you. What brings you to my club today?
You Speech Roberto Cavalli.
Goals Cassio Ah, I see. And you are hoping that a preview of his new collection will help Kim's fashion event, yes?
You Speech That's the plan!
Goals Cassio You are in luck, YourName. I believe I can help you with this plan. I'll make a call.
You Speech Thank you, Cassio!
Goals Cassio My pleaseure, YourName. I do it for your smile!
You Speech (Smile.)

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