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• 4/18/2018

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• 4/21/2018
Hi Sarah,

I'm hoping you can help as you are my last resort. I'm having a technical issue with the KKH game which Glu Support are struggling to help me with.

Allow me to provide you with the details of the issue so far.

Device information: iPhone 6s iOS 11.3 24.4GB of 64GB remaining memory Game version 8.5.0 WiFi 208MB download speed

Affected Game: Kim Kardashian Hollywood Username: OBAMALLAMAA

The issue:

I am unable to access the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game as when I open the game it starts a phone call with Maria in response to a mission I had completed. I can cycle through the phone call but once it ends the game then freezes and closes.

The issue started over 4 updates ago but i believe it is not update related as I could play it fine after I had updated. I think it is the mission I’m on at the moment as just after I had completed the mission I received the phone call from Maria and the issue then began.

Because of this issue I am unable to open the settings of the game to provide the support team with my Game ID. I understand this is a part of the way Glu find my account which is making it harder for my issue to get resolved.

My own diagnostics:

When the issue first happened I uninstalled the game, rebooted my phone and reinstalled but the issue remained. I then decided to download the app on my iPad Mini (also iOS 11.3) and then recover my game. The issue also presented itself on the iPad.

This is the only game to which I have this issue.

My Glu support experience:

When I first reported my issue I was told the issue was due to my internet connection, phone memory available or that the game was not updated to the newest version. After I provided details that I am on the latest version, have a great internet speed and have over 30GB space on my phone I was then told that I needed to present you with my Game ID which I then told the support team I could not do this. The support team continued to close my incidents with them, stating that it is a defect of the game and I needed to just wait for the next update.

4 updates later......

I’m still unable to access the game. I have reported this issue to Glu support multiple times and I have not once had a decent experience. They have continued to close incidents with me for no reason and asked me continuously to provide them with information I had already told them I cannot provide.

Without my Game ID the support team have said the only way they can potentically fix my issue is to find out the name of the goal that i'm stuck on so they can see if it's an issue with that particular goal.

I would like your help in finding out what the name is of the goal i'm stuck on. I have screenshots and chat logs of the phone call to help you. I've searched this site but have not seen it on here.


*Maria is calling*

Maria Holmes: [Your Name], I happen to see you making waves with David Smith.

You: What? Really?

Maria Holmes: Paparazzi never lies. And from these photos i'm looking atyou should have nothing to be embarrassed about. David is hot!

Maria Holmes: Does he have any friends?

You: Ah... Well...

Maria Holmes: Anyway, that's not what i'm calling about.

You: It's not?

Maria Holmes: No, I have a new event for you to attend. Get out there, shake some hands, then you can get back to your hot date

You: Thanks Maria.

*Conversation ends and the game crashes*

Glu support want me to delete my save and start again but i've spent over £100 on this game and i'm not about to go back to the start again and lose all my progress. I've had the game since it came out. Please if you can help me that would be amazing.

Thank you.

• 4/22/2018
Hi Mary! I saw that you also posted this message to my Wall, so I'd recommend continuing the conversation there :)
• 5/28/2018

I haven’t been given access to buy the so chic in any other locations but downtown LA and I also haven’t been given access to Sky
• 5/29/2018
Hi Jfanzed - Sky Restaurant unlocks for purchase somewhere around level 23 or 24, while the other So Chic locations vary. If you're not at that level yet, you won't be able to purchase the locations. If you are at that level and they haven't unlocked yet, it can be because you have too many goals you still need to complete before they can unlock!
• 5/29/2018
Hi! I am at level 27, and for a couple days I was only getting the side gigs and then i went to the A+ and then the game updated so I have a lot of gigs to do now, but still haven’t gotten so chic or sky
• 5/29/2018
@Jfanzed - That's great about the new gigs! If you're only getting side gigs and no main goals, and you have no other goals waiting for you in your queue (the one on the left of the screen, which has all of your active goals minimised), it seems like something may be off about your game, and I think your best bet is to file a report with Glu to figure out if you're not experiencing some sort of bug or glitch!
• 5/29/2018
I will do that! Thank you so much for your help!
• 5/30/2018
@Jfanzed - you're welcome! I hope they figure out what's wrong! ♥
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